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[Solved]How to use GetModConfigData(" ") in character.lua?

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Hello, if someone can help me with this that'd really help be great :)!

So, how can I use " GetModConfigData("   ") " in my character.lua? The game crashes & says "use ModIndex:GetModActualName(   )" or something like that, but I try to use that instead of the other & I get crash " variable 'ModIndex' is not declared"... Help would be appreciated :(..

Thanks for looking at my problem, have a good time :D!

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I'd be interested to see if anyone has directly linked data from that function straight to a character (from what I can tell it's mod utility specific, so I assume it's for the mod initialise only), I have merely used it to adjust my character's mechanic by reading the function value from main. Sample:

local Mad_enabled = GetModConfigData("Mad_CHK")

-- if mad disabled
if not Mad_enabled then
	AddPrefabPostInit("warrick", function(inst)
		inst.madness = 1

I've tested the impact of the code via network and client - it all matches up even though inst.madness is network specific (past pristine/not world etc).

Hope this helps some!

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the easiest way would be to store your modsetting in TUNING.
So in modmain you do

GLOBAL.TUNING.MYMODNAME_SPEED = GetModConfigData("characterspeed")

and then use
in your other game files.

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