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Abyssalite refrigerator: 2000 Celsius heater (except not?)

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I scanned all the building+material combinations to find something exploitable for convenient (no manual flipping) magma grade heat generation. Refrigerator seems to be the only mineral building that heats up and doesn't require manual operation.

Its power to heat ratio is terrible, but all of the heat is exhaust. Exhaust sounds good here: after all I want to heat the environment, not the abyssalite, which would not give that heat up easily.

First 200 degrees Celsius worked fine. It took a while (even though it was just 1kg of oxygen), but it worked.

Then it stopped. Or at least slowed down very heavily. I saw it heat up the wire (only after gases were hot), then I didn't see anything change much. I'm not sure, but I think it started heating the abyssalite tiles around it, skipping the usual thermal exchange routine.

So, how exactly does the exhaust heat work? Anyone got !!SCIENCE!! on it, or - even better - a block of decompiled but readable code?

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Hey, neat idea!

Tried that too, no slowdown noticed. 250 C and rising. Perhaps check your thermal overlay if you haven't left a granite tile somewhere that's leaking the heat?

I guess we got a poor man's smelting machine? The funny part is that the fridge is still at 20 C.


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