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Sweeping Items that are not there

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Hi all!

So I've finally made some suits for my dupes, and found out how to equip them (cause that's quite impossible if the suits are in a storage compacter, I think).

The problem is now, that there is still an item on the floor, but it is invisible. When I command a sweep on that place, it shows the sweep icon, and says it is Frankie's suit. This wouldn't be strange, invisible items happen... but it is strange because Frankie is wearing his suit... or at least he is getting the +30 decor from it.

On this screenshot you can see three red circles. The left one is the place where the "invisible" item is. The one in the bottom right is showing that the "invisible" item is a suit, and Frankie owns it. The one on the top right is Frankie, wearing his suit... 


Restarting/reloading does not fix it.

Invis Suit.sav

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