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Some small ideas [Suggestions]

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Some might have been mentioned before, but I wanted to re-list a few ideas I had.

  • New Game Options
    • Customize the 3 original dupes with allocatable stats (Keep a randomize button)
    • Select difficulty
      • Normal
      • Hard
        • Reduced geyser counts
        • Harder side-effects of sleeping with polluted oxygen
      • Chaotic
        • Hard mode modifiers
        • Limited geyser use
        • Easier to be stressed
        • ETC.
  • MONSTER Update
    • New dupe stat. Tamer. - Tamer affects numerous interactions relating to animals.
    • Ability to pickup animals - How far you can move with them, the speed, how much damage you take, stress etc depends on the creatures stats such as weight / aggressiveness.
    • New hostile animals that require killing only (No reason to keep them alive). Strong damaging, must be dealt with as a team.
    • A new animal. Dippy : Likes oxygen (dies in polluted etc), occasionally follows dupes. Reduces stress of dupes it follows.
  • Paintings
    • 3x2 | 2x3 Tile wide Paintings
    • Different graphics for some of the paintings - Perhaps influenced by the dupes other skills. Highest stat decides.
  • Doors
    • 1x1 Door - Allowing for nicer looking door up & down
    • Normalize door speeds - so they open equally and their strengths lie elsewhere
  • Training Equipment / Gym
    • Equipment that can be built dupes can spend time at.
      • Slowly raises Strength stat to a capped value of 10.
  • Tinkering Table
    • Separate research tasks - Still based on research skill
    • Tree of unlocks include:
      • Scope - Increase Multitool range by 1 Tile.
      • Rapid Fire - Increase Multitool Build speed by 10%.
      • Spacial Compression - Increase Multitools pickup speed / capacity.
      • Rocket Boots - Dupes carrying coal can jump 3 tiles high and 2 tiles wide by expending a small amount of coal.
  • Plant Decor
    • Rarer Decor plants, such as a worm like wiggling plant with high decor rating (perhaps 1 spawned per map in a distant biome)
  • Gas Mask & Gas tanks
    • A station that takes gas input of oxygen and creates cannisters of oxygen dupes can carry. Dupes use these when low on oxygen.
  • New dupe traits
    • Slow Eater - Eats food 25% slower.
    • Fast Eater - Eats food 25% faster.
    • Over-sleeper - Sleeps a little big extra over other dupes.
    • Night-owl - Has a reversed sleep cycle.
    • Light Lover - Stress adjustments based on if in a Light source.
    • Vampire - Stress adjustments based on if in a Light source.
    • Ideas by (Captain_Nerdrage on Twitch)
      • Hermit Lonely Heart - gets stress adjustments on if they're near others or alone.
  • New dupe stresses (High stress reactions)
    • Panic Attack - Consumes a large amount of oxygen while hyperventilating.
    • Hugger - Breaks down and hugs a nearby dupe. Preventing both taking action.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes & if I wasn't supposed to post that here. LOVE the game. :D

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