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[Game Update] - 219330

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  • game should no longer crash if Steam could not properly install the VC++ 2015 runtime
  • transformers should draw the appropriate amount of energy from their parent circuit
  • dupes should not interrupt delivering as frequently to perform their stress reactions
  • dupes should once again run on manual generators to charge transformers
  • ore should no longer fall through the ground
  • deconstructing a generator with the power overlay up should no longer cause a crash

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When will excellent yield sound volume be reduced (preferably with an option to completely disable)? When will dupes drop things at destination instead of when "move to" command issued?

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Thanks for the transformers fix now just waiting on Gas generators that turn off when told or at least having the offending controls removed they haven't worked since before thermal(Hydrogen) still don't work with the new natural gas. if your not going to fix the feature remove it so your not showing us unavailable options

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