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Animation for custom item broken

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I place it on the floor and each frame it seems to "layer" the last frame. I checked and the animation is correct in spriter.

As it's hard to screenshot an animation; I made a video, less than a min long with no audio, explaining the problem.

Nothing seems wrong in the log, which is attached below, and I added the full mod (yes, it's messy. yes parts don't work yet.) The item's prefab name is "mace" and if you see "gun", that's the last mod I worked on and I can't be bothered to delete it :p


Thank you for your time and effort, ProtoStar.

Dont starve animation.mp4


The mod.rar

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As this is an obscure topic and has generated no replies, yet many views, I assume y'all would like to know the fix.

I added "  inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("idle_loop", true)  " to mace.lua (where inst.addcomponent("weapon") (or smthng like that) is).

It loops but still layers, but good enough XD I'll fix it later.

Good luck if you try! ProtoStar.

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