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A Rax Ramble of stuff in current release
first off that memory leak or at least the part related to pressing P

liquid valves / maybe gas valves too forcing a break if placed over existing lines
being able to set a default priotity for new objects , notably i'd like to slap down a deodoriser and have it default to 7 for instance or fridges set to 9

if they are gonna deliver a material to a build area, could they also build the damn thing since they already there? realising this would be 2 work orders it would involve a 2nd step order to be added as in "put material - build object" would make them so much more efficent

world plants set to auto harvest by default and their food drops set to autosweep by default with regards to priorty setting as above i'd personally use 9

athletics affecting hamster wheels output , powr output and drain better explained 400 in 1 day? 1 roughly ingame hour? how much gas in a generator = 800? etc (or maybe im blind but raw numbers still helps)

water purifier and bio distiller having their tooltip expanded to include they produce poisonous oxygen

new material types not generated inworld but being discoverable on the gas filter is intresting / more imporantly, cutting down the amount of materials it can seiv out to litterally just the gases.

a beach biome of litteraly like a bazillion sand tiles, sandstone, granite , wee caves with pools of water in em that have quite deadly and aggressive crabs defending clam shells that can be placed underwater on a "clam rest" and can be periodically harvested for pearls that can be used with the textile mill to make jewerly for peeps that gives a decor boost to them when worn, need like 12 pearls and a thistle thread?? to make 1 and clams are quite rare and need to be kept in clean waters.

when in deconstruction modes if selecting wires/pipes/vents to show their flows as they do in the construction mode would be great.

being able to set priority on valves and destroying objects

add a "save and exit button" when clicking go to main menu

being able to build doors directly onto walls
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