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Threshold for repair

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So time to time, i have situation when, building a pool or any liquid storage room, my walls aren't solid enough and they are destroyed, more or less slowly.
When it happens, i usually try to fix the problem (adding more wall or more space). During this time, i have two choices. Either my dupes will auto repair the wall, again and again and again, because the wall will take damage every so often. Or i could set "disable auto repair", and must watch the wall often so i disable the option when needed.

I would like an option to set a "threshold" like i could do for massage table or generator, a moment when i tell "repair now". For example, i could set it to "wall damaged to 50%". Enough to repair it in time, no need to carefully watch each wall i could have, and duplicant will do something else than repairing the same wall again and again.

If i'm worried, i could let it at "100%", they will act as now, as soon as the wall is damaged, they will repair it. Maybe it's very important that this wall will never broke and maybe it could happen very fast.

Or maybe the wall will damage very slowly and i will set it to "25%", and be quiet this way. And if it's not the case, well... It's my fault anyway.


I think it would be a better way to manage wall repair.

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The massage table and generator are handled within the machines themselves.  Where would the block be handled?  Each individual block?  Is it asking so much to just not get in those situations in the first place?  My understanding is 3 blocks thick is guaranteed ok.  It would definitely help if they de-mystified the mechanics a bit.  It seems like the chance varies by depth, so the liquid tiles must have some sort of PSI stat they're tracking?  And then there's the matter of the strength of the blocks themselves?   If the relevant factors could be displayed on  tooltips, it might help the player plan a little better.  I keep wondering if we're ever going to find out the uses of various materials that currently have no tooltip bonuses.  For instance copper, sandstone, and granite have decor bonuses, amalgam has temperature.  But many have no obvious distinctions, and I wonder if they do now or will in the future have something like a strength factor to set them apart.

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