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Building option I would like to play with

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I would like to have a Peltier Element available: 1x2 (airlock sized), rotateable, useable as tile, walkable, powered, neither gas nor fluid permeable, fun part would be if it could be switched from consumer (actively creating a temperature differential) to producer (generating power from dissipating an existing temperature differential).

Maximum thermal spread archiveable should be 50°C (or so) in consumer mode, efficiency around 10-15%. Producer (generator) mode efficiency around 5-8%, so basically not that much but a nice gimmick that could be used with steam geysers and to bleed heat from the base into a cold biome for a little gain.

Also I would like a Gas Fan (also airlock sized and rotateable) that moves gas from one side to the other, 120W, 250g/s, maximum pressure differential 500g (higher on output side than on input side), gas permeable, fluid permeable, damaged by flooding.

These two could be combined nicely to build interesting stuff.

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