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First i d like to thanks your for this awnsome game. I love it and i just stared !

Now i d like to submit you a little buf on the French version of the game. It seems that long sentences have been cut which means that you can't understand what you have to do to complet one of the 3 objectives.

Take a look at this screenshot for exemple :


It says "Attire un gardien et tue-le furtivement en utilisant un (missing word)" which means in English "Attract a guardian and stealthily kill him using a (missing word)".

Thanks in advance for dealing with such issues on the French version of Mark of the ninja post-950-13764589290856_thumb.gif

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Ah! Thank you for reminding me with your post, antarekfr! I think it appropriate to report a similar issue in this same thread.As it happens the English version also has a case of missing words in one of the optional objectives. In the mission "The Return" the third optional objective, "Stealth kill from a hiding spot after moving into it with -------" cuts the sentence off there without further elaborating on the terms of success. I was, however, able to read the description in it's entirety in the score screen at the end of the mission.

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I'm sorry for double posting, but I had an thought a bit after my previous post.I'm using a 37" television screen as a monitor. With that I tried out all the resolution options and came out with this list. The rest of the resolutions either worked just fine (at least in the map and description in question) or were not supported by my monitor."Stealth kill from a hiding spot after moving into it with serenity."Last word: "it"640x480 (4:3)800x600 (4:3)1024x768 (4:3)Last word "with"1280x720 (16:9)1270x768 (5:3)1280x960 (4:3)1360x768 (85:48)1366x768 (683:384) my tv's native1600x900 (16:9)

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