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  1. Thats also sometimes in the German version.
  2. I have a Razer Black Widow too, and I don't have the issue, so it doesn't seem to be related to the keyboard or the software (Razer Synapse 2.0). But you could still try to kill the process ([WIN]+R -> cmd -> taskkill /F /IM RzSynapse.exe). That way you can make sure the issue isn't related to the software. The best would be to take the process out of the autostart list and restart the computer, so it can't be the software. The same goes for your mouse.Please make also sure that you don't accidentally push any button. I once had the problem with a joystick; Every game was funky, they always detected a slight upward movement. The joystick was the problem, it was stuck in a position. Maybe something similar can happen to a keyboard, even though it's not very likely.
  3. I just noticed a bug too.I don't exactly remember in which level it was, but there were many lasers and it was definitely before the catacombs. I think it was the level with the most lasers to that point.There was a horizontal laser. You couldn't just jump over it, because there was a "bit of a wall" (I don't know how to describe it exactly) hanging from the ceiling. I jumped in there by accident () and I got, just before my death, 600 points for an indirect kill. I know that I wasn't taking an enemy with me, so I must have triggered it. I tried a few times, and it worked for 3 times, then it wasn't reproducable anymore.I played with an XBOX360-Controller on a tower with Win7 Ultimate 64 Bit, my Graphics Card is an nVidia GeForce GTX 470. The game was normally launched using Steam and it only had normal privileges (Even though that definitely shouldn't be able to affect it). If you need any more information, no problem.But everything else works just fine! I didn't notice any single other bug. Congratz for such a bugfree, awesome game! Waaaay to uncommon in these days.
  4. Here in Germany I could buy the game some minutes after its' release. AND IT'S AWESOME!I've just spend exactly 100 Minutes into it, and still I know I love the game. Looks like it's the best game I've played in a while, and I played lot's of games. You did an awesome job!
  5. Ich kanns auch nicht erwarten... Aber das Spiel soll A.M. rauskommen, das heißt, es kann noch bis zu 6 Stunden dauern, weil dann ist erst 12 Uhr mittags in Amerika.