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Thermal/Atmo/Pressure Switches

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please make it easier to tweak the settings on switches by adding a hotkey to in/decrement them, or by tieing it to the mousewheel when you have the switch selected. It's really hard to get a switch set to the correct amount. There is a Increment/Decrement hotkey listed under controls/Buildings but it doesn't seem to function for switches

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A feature that could be useful would be some sort of threshold value for these switches.

As it is now, if a pressure switch is placed next to and controlling a gas pump, and set it to activate above 500, as soon as the pump turns on, the pressure drops and the pump shuts off. The end result is the pump sporadically functioning.

If we could set a Threshold value, so that the switch would remain active until the pressure difference is over the threshold value.

In the example above, setting a threshold of 100, would cause it to work until the pressure difference was 100 or greater between the switch activation and current pressure. So the switch would stay inactive until pressure built to 500 or higher, and then operate until the pressure dropped to 400.

If the switch was set to operate at below 500, then (with a threshold of 100) it would remain active until pressure was 600 or higher.

By default the threshold would be 0, which would allow the switches to operate exactly as they do now.



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