Idea for the future: Coop campaign


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Wouldn't a proper coop campaign be just the thing to make this great game even more interesting?I imagine it to be a mixture of the original shank coop campaign and splinter cell (or any other stealth game) and its bound to be great. Just think of all the new possibilities!I know it's much to ask and very time consuming to make it work over the internet, but: - It would be a great selling point for many people- The game nearly screams for having a coop and it would really enhance the game even more- You can sell it as DLC- More publicity: TB loves the game and he'll probably do hyper-wtf or somethingWhat do you think?

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Hey thanks for your post! The main reason we left it out was really so we could focus on the mechanics and making a solid single player game. We just didn't want to sacrifice anything just to cram in co-op. We don't have plans for Co-Op or DLC at the moment, but if anything like that were to happen we'll let everyone know!

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