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  1. PC Demo?

    Just buy this gem, you don't need demo
  2. Feedback

    For next game i hope there will be time attack mode, this game is made for speed runs
  3. Idea for the future: Coop campaign

    I think it's a great idea, Coop worked for Splinter Cell before, so i guess it could work for Mark of Ninja too
  4. Thanks, Klei

    I just finished the game for the second time, New Game Plus with no kills.I want to say thank you to the awesome team of Klei who make this game as great as it is. I'm very happy that there are developers who know how to and want to make true stealth games. I care deeply about the genre and your game is just what i need. :)Keep up the good work;)Next time: make it bigger, i spent maybe around 6 hours on two playthroughs:rolleyes:
  5. Control Question try this
  6. Thanks, Klei

    I hope there will be DLC of some sorts, i want to play more:wink: