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Looking for some new DST players to befriend!

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"The world is only as good as it's people..."

So why would a game be any different?

Heyo, I'm Pallava and it's nice to meet ya reader! A little info about me eh?
I prefer to play in u.s. server games only, i despise lag. :) I am in the central time zone, but i can be on all hours of the day. My play style is a hoarder/support play style, thought i can go headfirst to defend someone if need be. One thing to note: I cannot host a game. My computer is too garbo.

What sets you apart from other DST players?
Mainly my aforementioned topic of play style. While many people play the hoarder role, and the support role, i rarely meet people who do both.  I am the person who keeps basic items stocked, who dies first to save someone else, and who gives items and guidance to new players!  ^_^


Okay, So you are a support player, cool! What type of server do you prefer then? Cooperative? Or Social?
Coop all the way! NOTHING, and i mean NOTHING in multiplayer survival games, makes me feel more accomplished than building something great and surviving knowing that my crew members worked together!

Well, we know your playstyle, but what is the first thing you focus on doing when basing?
Well, this really depends on how many people i am playing with. If its just two, we will usually both work aggressively to gather materials and food, assemble tools and chests/ crockpots and fridges, and get farms started. My personal order of how i do things is in this order for the first five items:
1. Science machine

2. Chests

3. Alchemy engine

4. Crockpot

5. Fridge

Well i now know your Order Of Operations, but who do you use to get it done?

My main DST character is webber, however i can do a pretty okay wendy, and i like wickerbottom. (Need practice with wicker though!)

Well okay! You mentioned mods, what are your favorite mods???
My favoriteeeeee mods are below!
Bonemeal- Fertiliser from bones!, Craftable gears for DST, Sisters reunited, Increased stack size, Trap reset, Quick pick, Global positions, Don't drop everything, Extra equip slots, Deluxe cooking pot,  Show me,  Digable reeds, Renewable bees, More actions, Mineable gems, The tallbird mod,  Birdcage feather drop [Fixed], Glimmer and family for DST, Koalefants' Family DST, Useless junk, Minimap HUD, And last but not least, Combined status.
Keep in mind though that i dont use all of these in the same game ALL the time! ( i do enjoy a good challenge occasionally xD )

Sounds good? Where do i sign up?
Well, the most likely places you are going to be able to reach me is steam and discord, which i will list below. (BE WARNED THOUGH, i do prefer to speak in a call when in game, as typing and focusing can be hard for me!) I dont get on klei forums too often, but i don't wanna miss out! So, feel free to send me a message anywhere on those sites telling me you're from klei if you think i would be a good person to battle the elements with! (The don't starve elements, that is!)

Steam: PlebQueenTheDoe
Discord: PallavaRahanaTheDoe#3211





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I'm in AZ. I would love to get more people to play with. I work but am off Tuesdays and Weekends. Otherwise I'm free after 5pm. Just survived the first summer and think I can do okay on my own so together would be great!

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