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Everything set to none... challenge accepted.

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The idea came from a completely different thread where people were arguing about if changing the world settings is cheating. There was a post with a picture of the world configuraiton with every resource set to less. That gave me the idea: what happens if I set everything to none? 

So I decided to make a challenge how long can I survive in such a world. I was also curious what can be there. (Well, not much.) And as I didn't find any other tale about a challenge like this on the forums (someone mentioned it in the DS forums, but just as a suggestion, they didn't try it, as far as I could see), I decided to share my experiences so far. I'd also like to know if some of you did also a similar challenge (I can't imagine no one did here) and how and how long you could survive.

(I put the pictures into spoilers to make the post a bit smaller, I'm afraid it'll be long and unoverviewable enough. ;))


First, the exact settings: I set the seasons to random, to make it a bit even more interesting. (Not sure if it was clever.) All the resources, foods and animals are set to none (except the Spiky Bushes, I don't know why. Maybe because on that picture these were left on default. But it didn't help at all.)

I left the monsters on default. The world doesn't have caves or any mods. And last: I set the starting to "dark", to give a little help with the beginning. I didn't want a "plus" starting, that would have been way too much, and actually until now I didn't use anything I have taken from the chest at the portal, I wanted to see how long I can survive without these. So they have just taken up space.

Later looking at the pictures I realised that I forgot to disable the Combined Status mod, but I didn't notice it in-game. It certainly helped a little, but luckily did not really affect the gameplay. I also had the minimap mod (not accidentaly) which was quite helpful in the long runs though the darkness during almost every night. 

The surviving begins

At the very first, I did my biggest mistake, I chose the random character. As you see, I didn't really thought about who should I take... but I hade a huge luck: I became Willow... :D now I not only had a really good lighter but also bernie.



So, what did I find in this world? You guessed it: literally nothing. Some twigs, I believe they're automatically spawned in to help in the first days. Well, at the beginning I couldn't really craft anything! I mean, I could have, but I decided to survive without the items from the chest as long as possible.

I also found some merms and pigs fighting each other, was really cool, I had food for a few days. Oh, and another huge advantage of Willow: I could cook using the lighter. I saved tons of health and sanity on it. I just can't believe how lucky I was!

There were also some nice set pieces (hah, worldgen had enough space now to place them! :p), in one I found a spear (came really handy) and gears. And knights, which I left in piece.

I found many spider dens too (logically, I left them on default), they were my main food-source and the glands were really useful for healing. I did need them.

It was also interesting to see how well the set pieces fit Willow: I found more skeletons, one with a fire dart and one with a gunpowder. Now I only miss the fire staff! :D



As you might see on the minimap, there were some trees too. Totally Normal Trees, in a Totally Normal World. Seems these are the only ones that aren't affected by worldgen.

On day 3 I found the decidious forest. Eh, well, forest?... Biome. All that was there was the Pig King with his obelisks, Glommer's Statue with the Pan Flute and a Goose nest. I doubt I'll see it and its Moslings in this world...

Oh, and most importantly, this:



A cemetary set piece with the marble statues. Do you know what did it mean? I had a free pickaxe and a shovel. Now, what's luck if not this? Also there were some pines which became useful later. 

As my sanity was already at bottom, I had no fear of digging up all the graves (except one, because the sculpture was too near to it and I couldn't get to it). I got a really nice, though mostly useless loot, but one life giving amulet! That was proven also useful, as you can guess... :) Later I dug up other graves too in the world with this shovel, where I found another one. 

Another important thing that were to be found in the world were mandrakes. +60 health (and 75 hunger) can be preatty nice.

I also found the marsh biome where I yould get tentacle spikes and spider loot easily. This made me renewable weapons so I didn't have to kill every spider with my own fists, as I was afraid of.

I was really annoyed as I somehow managed to be killed by the spiders. Honestly, I don't know how I let it. But it happened...  Oh well... at least I still had an amulet left. 

I also found the hollowed den, which made me really sad. How on earth could I lure out a cute pet if I can't even make a crock pot?... :( 



(A small plus: as you can see, I have 51 hp... I had to waste my frog legs and stuff myself to be protected if something would go wrong and I am accidentaly hit by a terrorbeak. I wanted to go for sure.)

And by the middle of autumn I had the materials to make a science machine! Couldn't believe it. I had rocks from 4 moon boulders which were already spawned in the mosaic, just enough! ;) and I had logs from the trees of the graveyard's trees, because form the boulders I had flint, so I could craft an axe (by day 12! oh my, in a regular world that would be hilarious).



All I could prototype was the shovel, the bird trap and the top hat. Not much, but way more I have ever expected!

By the way, I used the full moon on day 11 to meet Glommer:



I decided to kill it so that I may get a Krampus Sack. A Krampus Sack! Oh my, I think that wasn't a clever decision, its goop which gives 40 health would have been more useful. But eh, I did it. And I was able kill the Krampus, I could kite it on the road without being injured. That was the point where I were really scared, without any kind of armor (not even a grass suit...) it was more than risky. But I survived it without a scratch. :)

Oh, an importand thing to mention: I died on day 10 to a terrorbeak. I left Berny on the ground, but once as I was healing it somehow attacked me and not the teddy bear, which I didn't expect. So, two deaths in 10 days and actually both of them could have been avoided if I had listened more / had been more careful. Well, happens... I learnt something new again.

On day 13 I encountered the first hound attack (had to wait pretty long, eh?), but with good kiting (and the help of some tentacles) I survived this also. After all, this should be the easiest in a world without food! :D

What more is there worth to be mentioned? I've found the compulsory moonbase, Chester and two touch stones, which maybe of use. I was really surprised as I found a walrus camp, I thought I set it to none, but after that, I figured out that it's a monster, and I left all monsters on default. Oh yes, and I found the Stagehand. Totally useless, except that it has roses! If I'll decide to touch the given suplies (from the chest), I can make a rope to make a new lighter... I'll have fire twice as long! :D Maybe I'll even survive winter!

The oasis is also there which is interesting only because of its skeleton's loot. Unluckyly I can't fish as there are no ponds (and I really don't hope to make it to summer), and the straw roll... well, if I'll be that well fed, I'll sleep a bit!

A nice intermezzo was a pig that I found on day 16 left from the merm-pig battle. As I had enough monster meat, I transformed it to get normal meat and pig skin. Edible food at last! :)

Back at base I realised that I can prototype the bird trap (will be very useful... :p) and the umbrella, which actually could be really useful if I make that long. We'll see!

I finished today's session on day 18, I'm tired enough to make big mistakes, which I want to avoid. So I'll continue and update later. ;)

The summit of the game (so long) was that I found a failed survior with a grass suit. High-end protection at last! :D



Conclusion so far:

It was really interestin to see how empty a world can be... no trees, no grass, no saplings, no animals... a normal DS world is pretty cozy compared to this. What stayed: the Totally Normal Trees. Even more creepy. All I could find were some twigs laying on the ground, I guess they're part of a DST mechanic that is not configurable in the world settings. Oh, and a few mandrakes. And the graves, from which I could make quite a lot gold by the Pig King.

Oddly I found cactii in the desert of the Antlion even though I set them to none. Maybe it affects only the cactii of the main desert (with the Dragonfly) but not the other ones? Maybe it's a bug?

It also seems that pre-placed moon boulders aren't included in the "boulders" setting... but at least I had some basic tools and could make a science machine thanks to it.

I survived the nights with equipping the lighter for a moment and immediately deequipping, this way I could save quite a lot of it's durability (it still had 9% on day 18). I also used the fireflies and if I run out of torch I'll have to spend all nights in romantic bug-light. (I just wonder how will I survive winter?... Dragonfly's lava ponds, maybe? Or maybe I won't even reach winter, hehe.)

Thanks to the world regrowth (I think), trees appeared in the world after a few days. First I just found a pine sapling, then a twiggy tree sapling, then these started to grow... I don't know if I'll have the tools to chop enough trees, but we'll see. I might use them. 

If anyone's interested, here's the map. By day 18 I have discovered the whole world:



Actually, it's so full of trees compared to what I have found on the first days. I should have made a map-screen on day 3-4 too, but didn't think that it would change at all. Next time maybe.

If you got ideas, stories, suggestions, I'd really like to hear them! ;)

(I really hope this post wasn't too long or boring, I tried to meintion only the interesting or important experiences about my survial.) 


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On 2017. 07. 06. at 11:00 PM, RosaNom said:

I think you could survive for long enough to build a decent base for yourself, but you might die of boredom before then :p

Well, I would feel bored I'm sure, it's a survival game after all. But I don't know. Maybe I should continue to find out. I didn't play this world because in the last month I played mainly with others, so not even on my solo world. 

A bigger base would be nice, but there is no source of grass, unfrotunately. No caves, no gekkos, no tumbleweeds. Also there are not meteors, so I don't think I'll get more rocks for a firepit or a crock pot. And I don't even dream of a scaled furnace! :D


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