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need bigportrait help!

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So I've been working on a character mod for Don't Starve Together, and I went to make a bigportrait file, converted it into .tex, then put it into the folder. But when I went to the game, I saw a white box around the bigportrait (I covered up the character just because i want to keep that part a secret ;))

What causes this, and how can i fix it?


bandicam 2017-04-29 15-12-31-070.jpg

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Check your settings for the TexCreator tool (I assume you're using this).

recommended is:

Pixel Format - DXT5

Texture Type- 2D

Mipmap Resize Filter- Default

Also what version of Textools are you using? I actually had to use an older version of textools since the latest version wasn't converting the images with the settings I actually set for it.

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I'm using TexTool 1.2.0, i think. I just took the bigportrait template and photoshopped my character on there. Idk if TexTool exported the file as what you included, but i will be sure to check that. Since this is one of the first mods i'm doing, I may be a little ignorant to some of the small details like this. But as they say, mistakes are part of learning.

EDIT: Now using the settings that you recommended, it just crashes when it tries to load the bigportrait. I honestly have no clue what to do as of now XD

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