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What is that and what should I do? (metheus.dontstarvetogether.com)

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Here is Cyclum Puzzle with its solution (you get Tragic Torch needed to illuminate Metheus wall).

Here is part 1 (aka where you synchronize with your chosen buddy as you will need one to solve this) of Metheus Puzzle, then part 2 (explaining how one actually solves Metheus for the 6 ingredients needed in part 3 - their types, quantities and order of placement in Ancient Chest) and finally part 3 (on how you translate your symbols from part 2; then you go with your buddy in DST - yes, you both must play together now - and either go in ruins, at Ancient Pseudoscience Station to find Ancient Chest where you put your Metheus recipe, the legit way; or spawn via console said Ancient Chest at surface gate and place those ingredients, no stress involved).

Cheers, now you have 3 new special skins (Tragic Torch, Ancient Cane - for Walking Cane and Lazy Explorer - plus Ancient King's Chest) if all done correctly! *thumbs up*

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