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  1. You sound a little impatient. What if this is meant to be like that ? Klei will never tell you on what ''secret'' content they are working. That's why they posted that video with Charlie picking the rose when you finish the Metheus Puzzle, to tease us, but we don't know if there will be a new character 100%. We may have seen a face behind that portal but that for me sounds more of a speculation. For sure they are working on fixing bugs and on the new content at the same time. Any gaming community will want faster, free and big content updates which some may have new cool stuffs etc, but these bigger updates take some time. Look how Valve behaves with their Half Life community. They made a game but they didn't finished it, but some of them still have some hope and are waiting for all these years. You are just mad because you may think they (Klei) ignore us and they push these fixing updates just to make us blind, it's not true at all. You forget that they are reading the forums and take most of the suggestions and feedback in consideration. Sometimes they don't have to tell you ''Hey guys, we are reading the forums'' to let you know they are doing it. I know I sound like I kiss Klei's hands, but I see them different from many other gaming companies. I am really grateful of these free updates, for me doesn't matter if they will add or not any new content after A New Reign. I will play the game as long as they will push small and significant updates. Simply loving Don't Starve Together. Stay strong Klei !
  2. And again Klei doesn't let us down. The community must be a little bit more patient when it's about game updates. They are a small team, just have faith. Few gaming companies in the current year listen to the community feedback. Good job, Klei !
  3. Hello ! Today I was playing on my world and wanted to make a bundling wrap until I realised I can't make it. Maybe it's some sort of bug ? The other players who join my server can craft it, but I can't. I play on a regular world, not on a dedicated server.
  4. My monitor's brightness is fine. Video settings are the same. Here is the topic where I posted the difference between DS and DST brightness:
  5. If you guys will add these things to regular Don't Starve, please put the ''brightness'' option in the settings. The screen is too dark at dusk and too bright at day.