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Hosting a game, everyone who joined was a beginner, great fun...

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Set up a science machine on the first day with a stone fireplace at the spawn area.    Usually it is hard to get players on to a private server so I was surprised that on day two a character showed up with a mime face.   He/she proceeded to make balloons, asked me to pop one (did a little damage) and then left with the flint I had given.   Yay.   

On the 4th day two players joined, one asked if we could "all stay together" (which means trouble most of the time), I replied that I was mapping the world and would make a base around day 12.    A tall bird finished off one of them (left after that) but the other seemed to be doing ok so I was hopeful.  In the meantime I was looking desperately for gears and only found one clockworks after 10 days which turned out to be the only one.   

Began doing most of the work setting up the base, the other player (who I'll call "W") didn't contribute too much other than making a few meatballs.    It was looking good though as we had everything we needed for the winter, just had to build up the food supply.   Gave "W" 3 silk and beefalo fur to make a winter hat, and said "you need to get the other one, I'm low on health right now".   Winter arrived the next day and "W" promptly died five times in two days by darkness, beefalos and spiders.   While losing health resurrecting "W" over and over I got attacked by hounds and led them to the spiders.   It was going to be a struggle but it was manageable.  

Day 24 and two players jump in brimming with confidence.   Gave them base and they said "we build our own base, thank you!".   Ok.  Either you're good or this is another disaster in the making.   Didn't take long at all for them to show up at my base and promptly die from freezing (amazing since there was a fire right there) and a single green spider.  They asked to be resurrected and I told them it would be at least a day, in the meantime "W" was screaming "I'm starving, I need foooooooddddddd".   I went off to kill the only spiders nearby, as luck would have it all 3 gave me silk instead of monster meat.  "W" then died from starvation.   Oh, they also managed to use a new tent in just one day...




The two players on the left abandoned the game and I was left alone with W again.  It was day 28.   No problem I had 1 1/2 days to get organized, find some silk and get some spider meat.   Needless to say the  hounds arrived near the end of trying to make those preparations, led them to beefalo but lost a lot of time.   Nightfall was coming and Mr. Klops was on his way.    I ran away from the base towards the beefalo but didn't make it time, it was a tug of war trying to get Deerklops to go south and every time I got close he started heading north again.   Finally after starting to freeze I had to stop for a minute to warm up.   Headed back and it was too late he was closing in on the base.   The picture you see below?   Me returning two days later to find him hanging around the base.   Great, so much for picking up supplies easily.



In the meantime "W" was getting tired, "I'm so bored of being a ghost!".    Brilliant, never mind the constant sanity drain you're exposing me to.

The next days of winter was a mad rush between staying sane, keeping warm and feeding myself.   Chased by hounds, nearly killed by the walrus, I finally found some refuge with the pig king.   Fashioned some boomerangs during this time to get birds and with green mushrooms and the pigs around I was back in shape and Spring finally arrived :).    W?    Was AFK a few days before Spring started, I left the game and will continue it tomorrow.



It was a great experience because players who are new (I think one had never played before) make it extremely challenging.




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This is true about the players making things challenging. :)

The new bosses and quests don't engage me (they ARE very difficult for me, but I don't have the motivation to beat them).

I enjoy the stress brought by playing with others though. Like not knowing if this person you just met will burn down your base or help you survive. Or just that stressful accomplishment of mentoring someone who's obviously new to the game. And if you become friends and play regularly you might even get to see them teach their friends how to play the game, which is kinda cute in an "Aww... look how much you've grown!" kind of way.

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This is why useless noobs annoy me.  I do sound elitist, and I'm actually proud of it now to be honest.  I used to try to help people and be engaging to noobs, but I stopped.  Especially since most noobs don't want to get better or have a motivation to learn, many of them just want to be parasites that use all your supplies and take your food.  

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