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Willow Rebalancing Suggestions

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(I'm trying to help my friend @Kaythreez re-post here)

Thanks to her not-so-useful perks, Willow is one of the least picked characters (alongside Wes) in DST.
Here I would like to suggest how Willow be rebalanced.

willow dst的圖片搜尋結果

1. Thermal Energy
Depending on her body temperature, she receives a damage bonus between 0.5x (when her body temperature is at 10 degrees) and 1.5x (when her body temperature is at 70 degrees).
2. Spreads Like Wildfire
Any ranged fire damage inflicted upon mobs and boss characters by Willow will not spread to other players.
Contrary to the normal fire, this new fire is displayed as a greenish blue "ghost fire". This "ghost fire" does not emit heat.
When her body temperature is maintained at a certain level, the "ghost fire" has a small chance of spreading to nearby mobs at a small radius, causing the mobs to panic for 1 second.
3. Bernie is a Girl's Best Friend
She can craft a cuddly bear. (Just keep this as it is now.)

1. Elevated Heat Dissipation
Willow's body heat dissipates 2x faster when her body temperature is under 40 degrees, making it a little bit harder for her to maintain her body temperature.
2. Heat Stroke
When Willow has a body temperature higher than 70 degrees, her performance in combat deteriorates drastically (she is unable to attack) until she cools herself off.
She also experiences mental confusion which drains her sanity quickly. Ghosty creatures starts to appear on the player's screen that obstructs the player's field of sight.
3. Cold Burns
When Willow's body temperature drops below 10 degrees, she takes 1.5x damage (i.e. 1.875 damage per second) as compared with other characters.

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