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Why the hell does it do that? Is it a bug or a feature?

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This was supposed to be a passive chlorine disposal room - the wheezewort would cool down hydrogen atmosphere, that would cool down hydrogen in pipes, and that in turn would cool down and liquefy chlorine sent to the bottom chamber. Except it does not work in a most peculiar way.

When I switch the valve to 0 g/s and the flow stops, the hydrogen in the pipe cools down. I waited till it cooled down to about -15 C in the upper part, and to about 20 C in the lower part.

The moment I switched the valve on, all of the hydrogen in the pipe immediately warmed up to about 38 C. All of it, and immediately. It did not have to cycle through the valve. It didn't even move to the next pipe section and it was already warm.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on?



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It's definitely a bug. It's been reported in the bug tracker at least once.

You can exploit it by reversing your thinking a bit and cooling the hydrogen down to -200  or so in thermally sealed room, and then pumping it through pipes in a radiator setup to supercool anything the pipes pass through. Since the contents of the pipes don't change temp over time, the energy usage is minimal.

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