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Creature integration  

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Not gonna lie, I've been getting flustered with the difficulty in rounding up hatches and keeping pufts alive. The title screen to ONI got me thinking. What if you could integrate them into your base by building machines that could provide them with their required environment?

Maybe the puft enclosure would require polluted oxygen input and dissipate clean o2 in the area around it and have a slime cache that required emptying like the outhouse.

The hatch enclosure would not require power but need material delivery that had settings as to what your dupes would feed it (I.e. clay and/or fertilizer)

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right now trying to get those guys into farms is basic no advanced "rounding up" mechanic. i for one don't have the game but i have seen how difficult it can be.

Enclosures does sound like a good idea tho :D.

maybe they can add leash items? so you can transport the animal from one place to another.

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