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  1. Show Us Your Colony

    Attempted to get an entire image of the map, worked pretty well.
  2. Show Us Your Colony

    Coming on cycle 300 with 0% stress with only decor as stress reduction.
  3. Show Us Your Colony

    That is an impressive amount of dupes, whats your stress looking like?
  4. Show Us Your Colony

    Pretty much self sustainable now with stress staying around 30% not sure what else to do except keep going.\
  5. Show Us Your Colony

    Longest ive gotten so far, 2 geysers for water so im nearly self sustainable except for algae.
  6. Dupes still keep only delivering 1000g of material when there is much more available.
  7. Ever thought of making the first three dupes you get have a certain amount of point and you can allocate them yourself? with each good trait you would have to choose a bad trait and you can choose vomiter or destructive.
  8. We need to be able to zoom out farther.