Wanda, "The Hairdresser"

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My dreams showed me this fun idea, and now I'll share it with all of you!

"If you ain't turnin' heads, you ain't doin' it right, sug'!"

Wanda, "The Hairdresser", is a hair stylist that was into it before it was popular, with a playstyle that revolves around her overly large hair. As I hear a lot down here, everything is bigger in Texas, and her 'do is no exception. Voiced by acousic guitar.

Health: 150

Hunger: 200

Sanity: 175


-A special tab called Hair, which changes her hairstyle into a variety of useful things. Requires Hair Spray and certain items pertaining to the style in question. When she changes the style, she gains 5 sanity. Hairstyles also don't count torwards her head slot, as she finds ways to wear hats around her hair.

-Can craft Hair Spray from the start, and starts with 2 cans of it. Requires 1 Papyrus, 2 Honey, and 1 Gold Nugget.

-Due to her home state, she knows how to keep Beefalo from attacking her during mating season, allowing her to forgo the Beefalo hat for that purpose.

-Her farms grow crops just a little faster then normal, and won't wither in Summer


-All that hair is flammable. If caught on fire, she'll need to put it out quick, or it'll all burn away, forcing her to grow it over one season. Caused by Lightning or Fire damage. Put it out by right-clicking ice or wearing an Ice Cube. Negated at 40 wetness.

-The climate of her home means she isn't very used to the Winter, giving her a negative Insulation Factor of -60.

-Apart from one, Hairstyles only last half as long in the rain.

-All that hair means she dries off slower then most.


All Hairstyles require one can of Hair Spray and one or two different items that pertain to the style, and can be freely changed without waiting for their durability to reach 0. They all last for 5 days, and apart from the Umbrella style, will lose double their durability in the rain. They can also be manually disassembled for early style termination.

Pompadour: A basic, large hairstyle which offers a Sanity boost of 2.5 per minute. Requires 2 Silk.

Umbrella: A strange hairstyle which gives 65% resistance to rain, but isn't insulated against lightning. Requires 5 Cut Grass.

Palm Tree: A chill hairstyle that gives a Sanity boost of 1.5 per minute and 80 insulation from the heat. Requires 1 Cactus Flower.

Beehive: A hairstyle of a future time that stands tall and turns some heads. It acts as a portable Bee Box, which drops up to 8 Honey when the style falls apart. Requires 2 Bees and 1 Honeycomb, which will drop when the hairstyle comes apart.

Starlet: A suave hairstyle that completely negates sanity loss from dusk, and halves sanity loss from night, darkness, and mobs. Does not offer any sanity on it's own. Requires 3 Nightmare Fuel.

Bowl Cut: Her own variation that acts like a helmet, absorbing 50% of damage. Requires 3 Logs.

Spiderleg: An odd fashion that only an artist could see beauty in. Lowers Sanity by 2.3 per minute, but removes aggression from any spiders. Requires 3 Monster Meat and 1 Silk.

Terrorchic: A sinister hairstyle that quarters the aggression radius of shadow creatures. Made for the Ruins. Requires 1 Thulecite and 6 Nightmare Fuel.

Thanks for reading this up, and enjoy posting responses!


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some of the hairstyles seem o.p. considering what it requires to make them ( except the Terrorchic hairstyle). Only three nightmare fuel to completely negate sanity loss is way to good for something i can obtain on day 4. Maybe make the hairstyles more expensive and require more materials and it may be an okay idea.

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make the beehive cause any bee around you to do what you say, kinda like pigs, for 1 minute, then they'll go back to doing whatever. You can use this to make bees attack enemies or other bees, making this easily renewable. 

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