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if your seeing dupes not finish showers and its not for biologicals that stop them from any task there are errors in the shower the use of a loop system if you can get it functional will work for an area. but I find goin through that for a loop system of its own is redundant when I already have the capacity elsewhere to handle the cleaning



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I find this concept of hot water plumbing loop very feasible and useful. Most plumbers are not aware of it though the benefits are huge. Most of them don't understand the concept properly. People with mains water to their house won't bother about his concept. In places where there are drought and water restrictions, even on mains water a hot water plumbing loop makes a lot of sense. I would like to share an image of closed loop by some professional plumbers toronto. In a gravity loop, the line from the hot water system continues from one tap to the next.


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