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  1. Here's the deal: fantastic game, great layout, intuitive usage for all forms of character environment and variables. These are my issues: Everytime I load a save: the game blacks out, all manipulative choices turn into a high contrast hit box, then freaks out for about a few second Whenever I load a save: all of my electrical wires seem to have been "unplugged" and they don't recognize they are actually attached. I have to manually deconstruct everything and then rebuild it. Things I would like to see happen: When the next update happens PLEASE add in a ceiling fan or some kind of stationary fan that can be set in a direction to help manipulate air flow and possibly help relieve stress among duplicants and prevents the air and pressure from becoming stagnant and or stale. IM NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE CORRECT PLACE TO REQUEST FEATURES BUT THESE ARE SOME OF MY COMPLAINTS The alpha is looking great so far tho!