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How to check "leader" for a different "follower"?

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Say I have 2 bernies and a player check that I am working with. I want to add a piece of code that would allow a bernie to check whether a player already has a bernie following (essentially trying to make it so that only one bernie can follow a player at a time). Any idea how I would create this check? I'm not sure how I would add that to this function exactly (this is in berniebrain.lua):


local function FindLeader(self)
    self._leader = nil
    local rangesq = LOSE_LEADER_DIST_SQ
    local x, y, z = self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()
    for i, v in ipairs(AllPlayers) do
        if v.components.sanity:IsCrazy() and v.entity:IsVisible() then
            local distsq = v:GetDistanceSqToPoint(x, y, z)
            if distsq < rangesq then
                rangesq = distsq
                self._leader = v
    return self._leader

Note that my mod's code for this function is a bit edited to add in some other features, but even if you use this code, I should be able to pick up on what exactly to add where respective to my changes in order to get this feature working as well.


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