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Be able to re-edit the Forest & Cave World presets without losing your game progress/or start over

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I made a mistake for choosing Default for World Size, in the beginning I didn't think it would be a big deal but now that I have more experience in the game I feel disappointed for picking Default. 

The map that I got is very nice, I like how everything is very convenient but I got a very small swamp (http://imgur.com/a/hleqb) and all of the rocks in my map are GONE (the screenshot of the map I took shows how empty it is, the only things left are the cactus), it doesn't respawn rocks anymore. There's only one tiny area that has meteor showers (close to tallbirds) it's such a small area, I get a max of 20 rocks spawn if I'm lucky to see the meteor everywhere else is just empty wasted space now. The savannah biome is a ghost town, there were 2 very small herd of beefalos 3-4 beefalo in each herd. I've moved one herd close to the base for easier beefalo fur. Deerclops killed the other herd 5 winters ago, it haven't spawn anything since. I really like this map, I want to keep it because I have good wormholes, and a great cave entrance. I wish I could have turned off a lot of cave features because I'm new to the caves and there are monsters I just can't fight alone, I play by myself because I don't have any friends and the cave monsters are keeping me out of the cave... I tried fighting them but I always die, being Max I have 75HP trying to take 3-4 worms, monkeys and spiders it's hard :( I just wish I could make my map a little bigger so I can have more resources on ground and not resort to the caves for resources.... I've already survived on 1000+ days by myself. 


All I wanted is to be able to turn off Cave monsters and maybe have the option to switch Default to Bigger world, but just being able to turn off Cave monsters could help me farm resources underground since on ground everything is already gone.

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I don't even think that's possible. World generation only happens once. To regenerate the world with a different preset would very likely require regenerating it entirely.

Might I suggest making a different server for now and practicing cave exploration in the early days? Caves aren't that hard with a little practice.

Also, are you facetanking enemies? Cave enemies aren't exactly that hard to fight when kiting...then again, Maxwell isn't exactly buit for fighting in DST.

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