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So I don't normally make suggestions, mainly because it's your job to make a game, I just play it if its good. Usually I just watch how a games development is going to figure out if it's any good (in todays 'alpha'/'greenlight' way of doing things) which usually means I already paid for the game, but that's today's standard. So I got the game a while ago (about 240 hours played according to steam) after seeing someone play it on Youtube, because it looked like a game right up my ally, and you always get that 'I can do better' vibe from Youtube game vid's :). So after seeing the first 'patch' and seeing the game going in totally the wrong direction I figured I'd post some feedbacks/suggestions in a hope to make the game fun for me again ;).


Frustrating Mechanics : So the first thing that annoys me about the game is what seems to be it's direction (unfortunately) . Like Dup's dieing due to building there head into the terrain. This is pretty much the only way I have lost people, I'm guessing that's mainly due to the fact that its an Alpha. But then just about everything from the 'Thermal update' continued this annoyance. Like Steam pockets of 'water' that can NEVER be cooled down, I filtered that **** through an entire Ice tundra area and it remained 150+F and didn't even melt any of the ice. So the whole thermal update seems to have failed at the basics of thermal dynamics. also had a lot of problems running any building that produces heat.. the heater, does heat much up, and I'm pretty sure if you have a coal generator it doesn't over heat off the first load of coal. course some of that frustration was just me building it wrong (but probably related to my next topic) due to not being told how much/if any space should be used, etc. The 1gram deliveries get annoying also, I'd harvest that food, but my guys are busy picking up 1000g of water off the floor to deliver it to that algae terrarium instead of using the massive pool of water next to it.

False Advertising: Much of the researched items, and basic building after researching them lack important information in a usable format. A lot of the building just need 'fixed' in there description. For example the hydrofan... it uses Gas? to reduce -80w of heat.. were does it show how many 'WATS' of heat I'm looking at in the temperature overlay? oh that's right. Hydrogen Generator.. yeah it's crap, I have tried using it every way and still can't get it to stop turning into a power sink, 100g/s? I'd change that Gas Valve to that if i had finer controls, but modifying my mouse DPI shouldn't be required to make your game work how it says it does. course even doing that you still end up with a 800w 1 second burp with 2 seconds of downtime, meaning a net power LOSE after you calculate all the things required to actually make the generator run.


Designate Area's: Were do they get water? How much clay should wait for the air deodorizer to collect before bringing it to a storage compacter. to alleviate some of the constant travel time, you know when you build something and the farthest person decides he's going to be the one to deliver the resources to build it, maybe just setup an area (since i usually try to build out of the things close by to 'help' this) that someone should stay and 'work'

Dup Stats: I have noticed some things NEVER change.. like strength, until you nerf them like you seemed to have in the thermal update (but maybe I just didn't read them very closely). Strength, Cooking, Creativity, Medicine, Digging, Construction all need a boost to how they gain (or something) I basically end up with a colony of runners 100% of the time, course that could be due to them not 'stopping' even when idle (accept enough to make that idle dup  sound effect and annoy the piss out of me, but again that's by design yeah?).

End Game: Obviously this might be a ways off as it is alpha, but what the game really needs is a 'point' maybe not so much an end game,but a goal to be working toward. Most of my colony's end just out of boredom, its fun to build my base, manage my dupes, manage my resources.. and then.. there is nothing to do.

Less K: Someone seems to have gone ape **** with the string replace of K after everything. 1000K would be a Mega yeah? 1,000,000K a Giga? IDK i'm just a ****ty american so every time i see K i just think Thousand, so regurgitating thousand thousand when i read numbers make my brain hurt.


I really like the game (even though my post is full of negatives :D. It's just cuz i'm old probably

keep up the good work!

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Is this all based on the latest version ? Because some issues you mentioned I believe were fixed (ie: H.Gen. while not producing enough power imo it does work properly). I won't get into the details but yeah its an Alpha so theres lots of things that need improvement, so I'm patient and tolerant but just hope that it will indeed happen.

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I used the 'standard' game for a while then i started messing with the thermal update 'alpha of the alpha' (?). I actually uninstalled it after about 2 games, then got bored with boredom bases so loaded it back in.  yeah IDK, the H. Gen has never worked right imo, no matter if your using a Hydrogen 'pocket' or filtering it out of your base via an electrolyzer here is what I have always got in my 20-30 attempts at making a Hydrogen Generator


pardon my Filmora freeness i'm not much of a streamer.

What I get is burps of power, a few times i have got that green bar on the right of the generator to start to go up, I assume that means something? but usually that's like the first 5 minutes of it running then it goes into burp power mode, and as you can see in this instance its more power then 1 dup on a hamster wheel + the generator can produce (just cuz i over used pumps to 'experiment' some more). I also tried the gas valve again, but in the alpha (maybe not the main alpha?) it tends to reset when you load a game, and randomly while the game is running. so it starts full open, I changed it down to around 75% and it pretty much has 0 effect on the flow, maybe they just don't work IDK or its more false advertising?.

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there is still bleachstone, try a new map? or maybe you just have to explore farther.

If you watch that vid Kasuha, the filter above my generator is filtering 'just' Hydrogen its pretty much a constant flow going into it, you'd think that would be the point of a gas valve to change the pressure/volume in the pipe yet the valve says its has an average of about 11g/s. the game also has issues showing the 'color' of gasses sometimes, like when you have a room full of polluted oxygen, sometimes it just looks like it's empty. This is also right after a load so maybe that it to fail to render the red. There is also the half animation effect with hydrogen generators, it will 'pump' then before it gets halfway through the cycle more gas will enter and it will reset the pump, basically giving you the same 'burping' effect.

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5 minutes ago, Tarzool said:

n its pretty much a constant flow going into it, you'd think that would be the point of a gas valve to change the pressure/volume in the pipe yet the valve says its has an average of about 11g/s. the game also has issues showing the 'color' of gasses sometimes

Yeah that's because there's near vacuum in that room. Put your mouse over one of those blobs in the pipe and it will tell you how much gas is in each of them. It's not about constant flow, it's about rate.

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