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How does water work in this example

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Hello guys,

Had a little bit of a flood today. Played a little bit with digging just to see how the water leaves a tile and drops down into another one. Anyway, long story short one of my Algae Deoxydizer got touched by water, most of the water retreated down bellow but some water remained at top of the tiles. Left on it's own like that, will that water ever go in another direction? Will it evaporate?

P.S.: In the picture you can also see Nails... he is dead now :)) did not notice him there while I was dealing with the flood. R.I.P.


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Machinery Flooding Status get BUG sometime. 31.0g of water can be counted as Flooding.

in your case either Save->Main Menu->Resume or Mop away those flooding water will clear that BUG.


PS. the flow of water on floor tiles depend on Gas concentration around water droplet itself. If it be >1000g atmosphere Carbondioxidem, ALL water droplet definitely flow down to the bottom.

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