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Geysers Killing All My Pufts!

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Earlier today I did a Thread asking if Puft were removed cuz I've been looking for a long while and couldn't find a single one, a user, AlexRou, informed me that they weren't removed and I might just be unlucky, well, I discovered the problem! I found 2 Pufts near my base, near enough for me to see them from the middle and, apparently, they're being killed by Geyser's scalding waters..

Can it be possible to make them immune to scalding waters? I needed them and now they're dead.. It also made me think "What if in the other run I had all the Pufts just died due to Geysers?" cuz I really looked in that run.. I went FAR! (Or at least don't spawn them near Geysers somehow?) Cuz it kinda feels like it's a flip of a coin, if I get lucky then there MIGHT be Pufts nearby and they MIGHT not be killed by Geysers..

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