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  1. Since it seems like making puns with Kashio's name is the new trend, here's mine (Forgive my poor editing skills): CASHio
  2. (Sharing this cuz I just finished Prestige Lv6 with Sal, whish me luck on Rook and Smith) PS: Also I done this in my first try, Sal woop woop!
  3. Smith's flourish "Inner Rage" is duplicating itself so, even tho' the flourish clearly states that hostility cards are played TWICE they are actually being played SIX times, resulting in easy insta-wins in combination with cards like Bully.
  4. Oh hey new update! The only bad thing about this update is not having a short, I love the shorts <3 But ranching will be a massive thing to the game and will make surviving way easier now!
  5. Oh my, already an update? I'm so jealous of you guys Q_Q Klei games are so good T_T I've never seen such "complete" pre-alpha.. From what I see it looks like a complete game, not an alpha let alone a pre-alpha..
  6. Maan, I need this beta key I'm waitin' for so long for a multiplayer..
  7. I have a question, sorry if you already answered it, I was away because of college, how is it goin' to work with DLCs? Is it necessary that all players have them or just the host? I'm kinda curious here, my friend doesn't has the DLC..
  8. Already signed up this mornin'! Can't wait for this! Ever since I played for the first time I though "It's awesome but lacks a multiplayer feature.." and now it's perfect Wish I can get my hands in one key soon <3
  9. I know but it would destroy all the difficulty with Adventure Mode, would be pretty much like "I go this way, you go that..." and people would find the items pretty quickly and lettin' it exclusive for single player would be a purpose for you to play Single Player at least to unlock Waxwell.
  10. I think the hardest thing to think about multiplayer is the sleepin' mechanic, everythin' can be done well. Food - Try to feed 4 players, for example, you gonna need a gigantic farm to do so. Monsters - They can just do as Borderlands, when a player join in the monster get stronger. Cave - Maybe 2 ways, a "standing by" when someone wants to go in a cave so he just wait until everyone is ready OR just let him go alone anyways while the other player is doin' whatever he wants. Adventure Mode - Just remove it from multiplayer, simple, make the Adventure Mode Single Player only, this is a challenge anyways and playin' it with your friends would easy the challenge, make it exclusive for Single Player and it will have a purpose. Sleepin' - Maybe do it like Minecraft did, all the player must sleep to complete the transition from night to day. I bet there's some problems with NPCs such as Maxwell Shadow's or Wendy Sister's Ghost attackin' the other players but I'm just guessin'.
  11. I think the forum will be a little more alive when DOn't Starve Togheter releases.
  12. Finally! I'm really not seein' any problem with the expansion, I mean, it's not gonna do anythin' for the ones who like Single-Player and the Multiplayer featurin' will bring new players, a lot of my friends on steam don't have Don't Starve exactly because it's Single-Player and, hell, even I wouldn't have if it wasn't for a sale it had... I'm pretty sure a lot of people will buy this now! Way to go!