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Look behind objects key?


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Hi, english isn't my native language, but I'll try to write it in understandable way.

Dear developers, can you add a "look behind object" fuction, please? Let it be some key or an option that will show outlines of objects behind or something… For example: if trees are too close to each other, it's really hard to pick up anything in behind of front trees.

Oh, one more thing. Why there's no audio settings? Maybe I want to mute the game or turn off it's music, or just sounds…

It's not critical, but it was in my head. Just shooted it out now.

And thank you for entertaining me! :D This game is really cool. I hope there will be much more stuff in it as Soon as it'll be finished. =)

One more question. I heard it will be on Steam some day, so, the key will be the same? Just wonder. :rolleyes:

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