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How to kill a duplicant ;-)

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It might be a bit cruel and controversial idea to start a topic like this one :D However, I'm sure that players could have their reasons for disposing an unwanted dupe and know many interesting, spectacular ways to do it. So, let me begin with one idea:

Build a massage table at the location you want to kill a dupe (perhaps in order to spawn some morbs) send him there and then cut off the way of coming back to base for that duplicant (build a door and lock it, or at least a three tile high wall etc.) then wait for him to run out of oxygen or food.


Don't try to do anything like this in the real life :D

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My new method is a chamber above magma.  I tell my dupe to go into a room that's been vacuum.  Then I tell the dupe to open the horizontal door upon which it stands.  Dupe falls into magma and die from overheat very quickly.  The upside is this method also kill any morbs that spawn.  Thus I don't need to build graves or worry about morbs over population.

If I want morbs, I will collect my dupes into a room.  Dump liquid (polluted water or water) into the room to suffocate them quickly.  Mop up the liquid and wait for morbs to spawn.  I construct the room in a way that I can tell other dupes to retrieve the corpses for burial once I reach the amount of morbs that I want.

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