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Animal Husbandry

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Let the dupes catch the little critters with nets or traps and move them into pens. Trying to corral them in the current game build, while obviously not intended as a mechanic, is incredibly clunky and difficult.

- Pens: a new structure or room where mobs may be contained

-Catch Function: selecting a mob presents an option to capture with a net. This option is to be installed similar to how plants have the "Dig Up" function. For larger, feistier mobs (Hatch) the dupes might have to build and set traps for them before being able to catch and transport them

-Reduced Comfort Ranges: to balance collecting and utilizing the mobs, their operational thermal comfort ranges are drastically reduced and shifted to make it difficult to keep them operational

-Feeding Trough: to balance collecting and utilizing the mobs, they can die from hunger if not fed. Mobs are fed via feeding trough. Puffs prefer contaminated water, Morbs prefer meal lice, and Hatches eat anything placed in the trough.

-Creature Escape Mechanics: penned creatures will attempt to escape periodically via a mechanic unique to each creature type. Puffs gravitate towards doors and are move with changes in air volume. Morbs will attempt to squeeze into pipes which run through walls of their pens and can sclorp up and down walls like snails. Hatches will attempt to dig and burrow down through a number of blocks.

-Boval Mob (Cave Cow): a new mob resembling a cow which can be captured and cared for. The cows eat any food type and poop contaminated dirt or contaminated water (50/50 chance) with a little bit of methane. Their escape mechanism is a bull charge into blocks at their sides, breaking or damaging the blocks and injuring themselves in the process. Lots of mooing and pooping.

-Clumks (Cave Chicken): a new mob resembling a chicken which can be captured and cared for. The chickens eat meal lice and poop meal lice seeds with a bit of methane. Every few days, if the chicken is at full health, they lay an egg which can be used for food. Their escape mechanism is generally being quick and they can flap three or four blocks up before their wings give out under their (substantial) weight. They squawk and are generally annoying to keep as animals.

-Ellios (Electric Eel): a new mob resembling an eel which generates shocks. The eel must be kept in chilly water and generates a bit of energy whenever it shivers. Being left out of water drains their health until they are again submerged. Ellios attack each other and must be kept separated. They also attack dupes, so the pool's closed. They cannot produce shocks in contaminated water. Shocks can be collected by building an electrical component (a small capacitor that can be connected to circuits which will charge batteries or machines when an Ellio does a shock within a certain radius) in their water. They may attempt to eat this component and damage it periodically.

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What this game really needs is some Scrabs and Paramites...

But honestly if they implement a Catch option for the Hatches it would need the whole coal generation re-thought as you could have infinite coal production without having to worry about keeping the Hatches alive via the temperature mechanics. I have already cooked a few of my Hatches by not keeping them out of the Microbe Mushers, guess the heat was just too much for them XD. I heard that they might be adding a fish which will spawn randomly in fresh water and might be farm-able as an alternative to Bristle Blossoms.

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16 hours ago, ZSST said:

A pet hatch. (:

He was a real hassle to isolate in there.

Yeah, I don't think you're really meant to capture dudes much at all. I managed to corral five hatches into a room in my current playthrough, but it took about fifty cycles it felt like. I don't believe we are intended to keep them as pets.

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