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Will I lose my servers if I uninstall the game?

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I want to uninstall (and reinstall) the game because it takes too long to start, and I think that it may solve the problem**. Actually it's my only choice since I haven't seen any topics about this issue (in addition to the fact that I know nothing about computers).
So, do you know how to solve this? Or will I lose my servers if I do what I'm thinking? I have just reached my first spring (about day 45) and I don't want to lose all my progress, neither do I want to keep waiting about 10 minutes just to start playing.*

*Let me know if something written here is incomprehensible (english isn't my native language)
**I have had this thought because originally the game didn't take so much time to load. After a bug when Steam uninstalled all my games, DST started to have this problem

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Hi @abraxasvii, welcome to the forums!

Your saved worlds and configurations shouldn't be deleted when uninstalling the game. You can always be safe by creating a backup: go to (My) Documents\Klei and copy the DoNotStarveTogether folder (DoNotStarveTogetherANewReign if you're in the beta, or you can always copy the whole Klei folder). FYI, there's no Steam cloud integration, meaning if you install it on a different PC you'll have to manually import the folder.

However, reinstalling the game might not improve your performance. I suggest defragmenting your hard drive. Go to My PC/This PC, right click your C: drive (assuming that's the one where you have the game installed), click on Properties, go to the Tools tab and press Optimize or Defragment (the exact wording and location varies across different Windows versions). It will take a while. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

I can't guarantee you this will sort out the issues (but it does no harm to your system), and if you're running on a lower-end computer, it might simply be struggling to keep up as you discover more of the world, increasing its workload.

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