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Getting Stronger During Full Moon

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Hey again!
A new problem came up that I am trying to solve. 
My character's stats change during the phases, including the full moon. 
However I am having a problem implementing that one ability. 
It works, but only if you log off and log back in, or step into a cave. Basically only works if you leave to a different area while the full moon is active.
I thought I made this work before, but I think I screwed up somewhere and can't figure out how to make it work.
I've looked at other modded character scripts and even Woodies but I just can't find the solution.

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--Function where you would increase your damage

local function FullMoonBuff(inst, isfullmoon)
    if isfullmoon then
        --increase power


--Watches to see if a fullmoon occurs, when it does occur it calls the function above, put this part into your master_postinit function

inst:WatchWorldState("isfullmoon", FullMoonBuff)


You'll also need a function that will remove your power when the fullmoon is over.

local function onnewstate(inst, isfullmoon)
     if not isfullmoon then

          --set power to normal


-- This part will go where the WatchWorldState goes.

inst:ListenForEvent("newstate", onnewstate)

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