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Marking Backpacks as "Owned"

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I'm sure many players who switch backpacks with armor when fighting would enjoy the ability to have "owned" backpacks to deter thieves by preventing them from picking it up. Primarily, I see it as a problem when either

1. There are fairly valuable items in the backpack

2. You're using a Piggyback or Krampus Sack.

Krampus Sack in particular would really benefit from this. If you're lucky enough to get one, you basically can't unequip it around people other than the ones you trust most. It's seriously valuable. Perhaps add a little toggle to the upper-left corner of the backpack to mark it as owned or unowned? Friends may enjoy sharing backpacks for some reason. Just some thoughts, I guess. You may post now ♡

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Backpack thieves have always bothered me. Although one suggestion I'd like to add on top of this would be if a backpack is left on the ground for too long (perhaps the same amount of time it takes for a skinned backpack to rot) then the bag is no longer considered as owned.

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