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New Tech: Medical Bays ---> Surgeons


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This tech upgrades doctors to surgeons generally. But it has challenging stat requirements.

1: A medical level of 8 or higher.
2: A learning level of 8 or higher.

Only doctors with these conditions can utilize these techs, unless stated.
There's 2 kinds of deaths based on these tech- Temp and Permanent. Perm happens, I guess, if a temp person is technically dead for more than 1 day from the time he dies.

Feature #1: X-ray device: Yes, that advanced scanning unit doctors use. This device is only a step in overcoming advanced physical and mental problems generally. In conjecture with the old medical techs, this device allows for advanced medical actions.

Feature #2: Medical Factory: Produces medical kits, decontamination kits, and fatigue reducers.

Feature #3: Operating Table: A 2x3 table that is used for advanced medical operations. Can revive those who are temp dead.

Feature #4: Medical Tech Station. The labs only cover basic and intermediate presently. This station allows average, but only in medical situations. Requires an artificial rating of at least 60%, an oxygen pressure level of 300+, and a medium hazmat suit or better to utilize, producing high levels of contaminated oxygen as a byproduct.

Feature #5: Disaster Call Button. This device sends an alarm throughout the lands, forcing the main player to shift his view to the dupe, and calls a doctor to handle the extreme emergency. Certain fatigue levels can cause people to become desperate over this, based on their fatigue conditions. This is especially true, for example, of 'vomit' dupes. Anyone can use this.

My take... please vote?

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