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I'm looking for experienced players to help me survive in a very difficult world. Anyone up for the challenge?

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Hey everyone! I've created recently a hardcore server that is dedicated, and I'm really looking for some more don't starve together players who have some, mode rate to high levels of experience in don't starve in general. That could mean, ROG, Don't Starve Together etc.

Either way, this world I've created is NOT easy, and it'd be preferable to have some others to join in and help me survive in the world... because let me tell you, it's not easy to do it by yourself.

So, below just say if you're in and ready for the challenge or feel free to ask questions about the server if you want to know more about it, or to learn how difficult it really is and why.

Thanks to everyone who might be able to help out, and as always, don't starve.

Server Name: Deathstarve: Hardcore Survival Server  (6 SLOTS)

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First it's not in a new reign beta, mainly because there's a lot of people out there who haven't done the update yet. Now, why it's so hard is because...

(An older post and description of the hardcore server below)

Food is more scarce. No wild carrots, less berry bushes, less animals that drop meat (Sorry Wigfrid) the beef will also be much more aggressive if you find them.

  Resources are limited as well... less grass, less flint, less trees, less rocks/boulders... AND there are no saplings. You can only get twigs from spiky marsh bushes which cause minor damage each time you pick them (But don't worry, they're all over the world :D).

Seasons are different now, autumn ends quicker meaning you only have so much time to prepare for winter. Not to mention, winter and summer are longer too. (Heh heh >:D)

Also, the danger will be, well... deadly. Not only are overworld monsters more common now, but cave monsters now spawn in the overworld, making it 2x more difficult.

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