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Save and restore tasks?

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What is the proper way to save and restore tasks in a component?

Eg. in my component I want to call a function after one day:

self.task = self.inst:DoTaskInTime(TUNING.TOTAL_DAY_TIME,function(inst) ... end)

When I now quit and load the game, this task has stopped, right?
So how to resume the task with the time left?

I could get the timeleft of the task when saving and start the task with that time again when loading, but this is a dirty workaround and won't work well I think...

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11 minutes ago, CarlZalph said:

Couple of ways from here:

As for being proper it's more efficient to have just one timer going and snapshot a timestamp than it is to poll multiple times.

thanks. Yes this was also the way I tried it already, but I hoped there would be a better way :D
To get the "timeleft" we can also use "GetTaskRemaining(self.task)".

But the reason why I was searching for another way was, that when the task is finished and the function called, the timeleft is not set to nil automatically. So I have to set it nil in this function. My code is a bit encapsulated, that's why I feared it could cause problems.
But I will do it that way now and try to make sure that everything works.

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I was looking into that thread yall linked on here also and when trying to implement into my mod to keep track of a timed speed boost after eating an item because the boost is completely removed upon entering a cave. But that fix is seeming to require a dedicated server and I dont know enough of LUA to really disect it and learn how to adjust it. Yall got any ideas?

Hot Coffee.rar

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I'm not sure if I should find it good that you are working on such a mod or find it bad.
I think such a mod requires advanced skills and is not good for a beginner.
At least finish it with help of advanced modders first, before publishing it.. (I just don't like poor coded mods in the workshop)

But of course everyone is a beginner first, so I will try to help you. But I fear we would need to rewrite your whole mod from scratch, that's why I did not wrote earlier about your mod...

It would be best to make a new thread specially for your mod.
Tomorrow I will download it and tell you what you can improve and also try to find a solution for problems.
I'm also no expert modder, but at least advanced, so I think I can find good solutions.

Of course CarlZalph (expert modder) and others are also welcome to help :)

(I don't want to sound rude, sry)

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On 5/2/2017 at 6:48 PM, Serpens said:


No offence taken man, and its really not such an advance mod, just a item with a speed boost. >.< Lol

 I usually keep my code pretty neat and clean so its easy to expand on. But since then ive already found a fix for loading into caves while saving the time of the boost and reapplying when entered, the mushroom example in the thread linked above helped. 

With that being said I uploaded it to workshop for specific friends to download because its just easier for them to install mod that way. And i think taking on challenging task is what teaches us, to start with a begginer thing by following a tutorial step by step to reproduce the exact same result with nothing but a different name is lame and wouldnt teach my anything, I already have a background in coding just new to Lua

But if you want to take a look at it and have any tips on improving id love to hear it thanks for all the help!

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