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[Thermal Upgrade] My general feedback on the patch

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Here's the points, for me, need to be improve or change :

1) The map is too small and lack of variety

Since the new patch, the map is smaller than the old version. I can understand it's to improve the memory management in view of the old map was huge and use a lot of memories. I think, a map like that need a minimum of 16 Gb seeing that my Cycle 800+ was very laggy.

However, now it's too quick the reveal all the map around 400 Cycles against 800-900 Cycles.

Also, I've the feeling to have only three majors biomes : slime, ice and some abyssalite. The map really need more variety.


2) Machines : overheat and repair cost

The machines overheat is really too fast and should link with the overload system. I know the water cooling system and others.

The cost to repair a machine is really too high and it can exhaust all our resources mainly with the auto repair system.

We have a lot of machines to make some heat but only two to produces some cold.


3) Gaz overlay have been too simplified

The old one was not perfect but showed the different gaz type.


4) Outfit system

I'm pretty sure it's a early version of the system but here's the problems I encounter :

  • All the outfit drop off the same tile so it's really painfull to assignate them to each Dups.
  • Allow to switch between outfit easily.
  • Add durability.


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