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Temperatur flow in rooms and air-distripution

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Hey there. :D

I wanted to ask if someone tried a really big in mind air-distripution system additionally with air conditioner? Like, we know warm air tend to gather in the upper region in rooms, so it should be possible to make a large base and set up a pumpingsystem on the top of the base. The pipse go throught a termo-regulator or a heat source, whatever the base needs, and pump it to the bottom of the base.

I tried this in one of my old bases maybe a week ago, sadly it's not working that good so i dont use the idea but maybe i done something wrong?

Sadly i have no screenshots or something to show but i can imagine that a lot of you guy's thought about something similiar and because of that, someone can say or show me if this is possible or already in use in someones colony?

In forward, thank you for answers. :)

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The simple way is to have an air pump (or pumps) at the top (and possibly an air scrubber at the bottom) and the vents to exit near the bottom.

As standard it just recirculates the air. But you can have it branch into 2 different air pipes and one of these go into a thermo-regulator that is controlled by a thermo-switch. The branches are then just combined after the thermo-regulator. That takes care of cooling. If more cooling is required occasionally, use more branches, more thermo-regulators, and each incrementally increased settings on separate thermo-switches.

For the heating. Place ceiling lights near the vent (more efficient than space heaters for heating), and have these controlled by thermo-switches as well.

For more complicated set ups you can add electrolyzers, air filters, infinite gas pressure traps, and so on to the system.

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For the short, you say it should work? I think that i made something wrong, i had it setup exactly the way you sayed but i had the feeling that the "flow" throught the base is not happening because only the near "air-tiles" got sucked in the pump and got filled with a random gas from the nearby rooms and net the immediat neighboring tiles.

I have to test this more maybe i can get a system working myself. Thank you. :D

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also the Tepidyzer and thermal switch in  small overflow system running through your base is good for passive heating leaving a liquid route through your base no only to add separate water stores but as temperature controls. and after the water is at temperature the tepidizer rarely uses its big drain so becomes very energy efficient once its heated to your liking. aiming the water that flowes through your base at the bottom level of your heat range so it will naturally start to absorb excess heat that starts to build up.so having this natural heating and cooling system include a section that happens to pour over your hot generators sitting on mesh/perm/mesh(flooding) on its way not only will it drain off the heat but will also prevent your tepidizer from being needed as often depending on your water levels

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