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Hydrogen/Coal Generator Improvements

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Context: Coal and Hydrogen generators will continue using resources as long as they are not empty, leading to a resource expensive solution of having large amounts of batteries for every coal generator, and complete wastage of excess resources for hydrogen generators

To avoid the waste of resources without manually switching off the generators once the batteries are full, one of several options needs to be implemented;

Generators stop once batteries are full and perform a check to see if the batteries have reached the expected % as indicated on the info tab (Same as the hamster wheels).

Alternatively, a more manual system could be implemented in a circuit system which could comprise of timer circuits and sensor circuits.

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2 hours ago, BemusedSalmon said:

Must be a bug then; Mine don't stop. I'm running 211197 thermal upgrade version

Do you have a lot of ceiling lights or lamps? I find that when I have a few ceiling lights running then the batteries only gets recharged to about 99%. And it literally takes 4 dupes on hamster wheels a full cycle to get a battery full so they can get off. 

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