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[DSSW] Make Sealnado Cuter!

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Thieverpedia    374

It's cute now, but it doesn't really stop most people from cutting it down. And, you know, cute factor is nice once in a while. Could use...

-Bigger, shinier eyes staring directly at the player

-Squishy animation

-Rolling around adorably idle

-Making it kinda love you by performing some tricks

-Maybe a heartbreaking cry if you still kill it, along with a guilt tripping quote from the player

I'm all for the extra meat, but it isn't cute enough to make me consider sparing it.

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Richie808    13

It doesn't matter how cute it is, people will still kill it even though its even cuter. People want that boat propeller, so they will kill the seal. Doing this will just make Klei spend more money for nothing. 

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