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HowTo: Coal Power from a single Hatch

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A Coal Generator provides some good backup power, but it uses 600 kg coal per day and and burns through the available resources around the base within a few cycles. A Hatch produces coal, but only does it at night. So here a suggestion for a little Hatch prison, where it works all day long (using the fact that a Hatch doesn't bury in constructed Tiles), that is accessible, requires no maintenance and produces enough coal to run a generator non-stop.

Setup and coal production for one cycle. The Hatch is sitting behind the compactor and does nothing but eating and ... ahem ... pooping.

X3SEZYu.png yxdGZjc.png


The "HowTo" is also very simple:

  • Guide the Hatch gently to have him buried straight above the future Hatch prison using a path of Tiles.
  • Dig down and create the little room for him (or is it an "it"? :))
  • Add a Storage Compactor, set it to high priority and select the material to feed to the Hatch (finally a use for all the Fertilizer)
  • Dig out the block, where the Hatch is buried and he will fall down into his little room.

And a few screenshots to show a bit more than only the room itself:

2MmEevC.jpg 6iBnjpW.jpg 6X43wMA.jpg

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This is a pretty good idea. Especially for getting rid of resources that have no purpose as of yet. My main method of power generation is just a bunch of prisoner duplicants haha. they also have no potty so it gives me some extra "water"

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Fertilizer is used for Bristle Blossom if you're planning on having a luxury dinning options for your dupes.

Clay on the other hand there really isn't much use for. Sure, it's a substitute for dirt to make planting pots but since you're not really using dirt for anything else than outhouses (which you also don't really need), and the initial research, you should have plenty of that to go around so you can just have it eat clay.

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