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Possible Work-around for Split-Screen (Untested)

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Note that I haven't tested this myself as my laptop isn't powerful enough but if you are able to do so then please be my guest.

Things that you will need:

  • Being able to run 2 Don't Starve Together executables at the same time.
  • A different way to input controls into the other game (For example: A Steam Gamepad).

So I was wondering if this would be possible, and I think that in theory it is, but I can't try it out because of my low specs, so I share my idea here on how to do it:


Go to the directory your Don't Starve Together Executable is, it should be C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\bin in Windows. If you can't get there, right click Don't Starve Together in your steam library, click Properties, click local files, click Browse local files, open the bin folder and you're there.

Now right click dontstarve_steam.exe and make a direct access.

Right click the direct access and set it in the compability tab to "Run as administrator". Make another copy of this same direct access but add this line: -conf_dir DSTPlayer2 in the first box (It's called "Destiny" for me but I'm spanish so I won't promise anything).

So now you have a second folder that Don't Starve Together will have to store things, hold Control/Ctrl and click both direct accesses and hit Enter, the arrow key or just right click them and click "Open". Steam will most likely give you a notification saying that Don't Starve Together is trying to run, just let it do.

Now here you will have to open task manager, to do so you can hit control/ctrl + alt + delete and click "Open task manager".

In Task Manager in the applications tab, hold Control/Ctrl and click both Don't Starve Together games then right click and click Maximize, they both should cover your screen now, so here's the problem, Player 1 will most likely have to rely on their Keyboard because if you click something then Windows will stop letting other applications receive input, however it is also possible that Player 2 can use their gamepad even if that thing is happening, if so, proceed to have fun but for sanity keeping I'll suggest making Player 1 make a lan world and let Player 2 join.

Just configure the controls for both players before playing.

Again, I am not sure if this may work, and if Steam doesn't let you re-launch the game, try and see if you can use another account that also owns Don't Starve Together, for example, a friend's who is staying at your house for some time or something like that.

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There are ways around not being able to launch 2 DSTs at once (easiest/safest way involves having 2 accounts), but I've been searching for a few days and found no way of sending input to 2 apps at once. I'd be eternally grateful if someone tells me how it would be possible.

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