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How to edit existing prefabs via mod??

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So, I want to make it so you can't use cooked/dried monster meat on the Birdcage; it feels really exploity and Klei even tried to bugfix it out but people complained. Anyway, I can't figure it out- even though birdcage.lua already has it, just commented out. :S I looked at a mod I helped on in the past to edit Willow's lighter and made this, but I can still feed the birds cooked meat. Tried a bunch of other stuff but it all crashed.


local invalid_foods = 


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local banned_prefabs = {}
banned_prefabs["cookedmonstermeat"] = true
banned_prefabs["monstermeat_dried"] = true

        if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim
        if inst.components.trader and inst.components.trader.test
            local trader_test_old = inst.components.trader.test
            inst.components.trader.test = function(self, item, giver, ...)
                if banned_prefabs[item.prefab]==true
                    return false
                return trader_test_old(self, item, giver, ...)
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Oh wow, that doesn't look even remotely like what I would have expected! I guess to edit that sort of table just isn't as easy as adding new functions on Willow's Lighter, heh!

Tested and it worked! Thanks a whole bunch <3 With this and the "no ice as filler" mod, I don't have to self-restrict to avoid exploit-y food recipes.

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