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I love games Like Factorio or Prison Architect becouse they have logic elements to improve efficiency i thin in oxygen not included there a useffull too

the game mechanic of input and outputs already there just need signal wire i thin k a boolian logiv will be plenty so AND OR NOT XOR NAND gates

then we need sensors like a "preasure detector" "thermometer" "athmosphere detector" "fluid sensor" "motion sensor" for clones and or creatures "etc" and of course recivers like doors, valves, switches, maybe pumps vents generators.

i think about a slider and a botton that allowes to setup "gimme a TRUE sigal if "Temperatur >= 50 degrees" so i can automatiy pull a switch or valve to start the air conition, or can shut down research lab on low batterie charge (etc...)

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I really like this idea. Together with simple droids, suction pipes (being for transport belts), elactrovalves and a little more control over coal generators it would be soooo lovely <3 And there could be a boolean electrovalve too.

Gates could look like electron lamps. Actually, there are or could be actual lamps for gates, I can draw the whole thing, how it should look ingame, when I get back home. Signals could be simply electric and gates/detector would have inputs/outputs, and so inputs should use some minimal ammount of energy. Computers don't run on nothing, you know?

Aaaaaaand there should be at least four colours of wires - like black, red, blue and yellow-green.

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  • For each electrical devices :  add I/O to control power and get the status. 3 hours (add 2 member func and variables)
  • Implement logic components : medium time. 11 hours 20 min
    •  logic gates 1h/component - 7 hours 30 min
      • AND, NOT, OR, XOR (other made by combination, NOR = OR + NOT) 4h
    • SWITCH - [input var, 4 input selector(4 outputs)] 1h
    • IF(A>B) 1h30min
    • CONST 30min
    • Logic câbles? 30min
  • add descriptions, heat, consumption of all components 1h20min
  • make designs ?hours
  • bugs and other problems 20% of time = 2 hours 30 min

total: 15 hours 20 minutes


  • A lot of depth for end game player
    • Extreme resource management (if logic gates electricity costs stays low. Please!)
    • Fun contraptions
    • Alarme management(threat detector)/air locks(auto)/game input systems(if gas ==  toxic then close gates; if (pressure < x) then activates such system. Many possible items to check the environment can be added
  • One very good argument to attract niche market


  • One more source of vicious bugs and implementation problems
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Yes, also keep in mind though you can already do logic gates, because you do have pressure sensors: as just one example, vents don't work in high pressure. And you have ways to control the level of pressure at will.

NOT gate: have a room where the output is at the top of the room, and filters only, let's say, CO2 out. Have some constant source of CO2 provided to the room by default at all times. Make another input for hydrogen. Put a hydrogen generator inside, pumping from the top but on a slow valve. Thus, when you pump hydrogen, the CO2 output shuts off (no CO2 on top). When you pump nothing, the output turns on. Thus it's a NOT gate.

OR gate: have two pumps venting into a room, with gas valves that make sure they input low pressure. The pump in that room is set to higher than either input pressure. Thus, no input = no output. But input from either one or both = output gas. Thus, an OR gate.

Already that's all you need for a universal Turing machine. And there are many other methods you could come up with.

But yes a user friendly version would be cool

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i like logic gates, gimme more control like mix cold and hot air to have the perfect temperature, of course its a feature that can couses bugs, but any feature do this, i prefer alpha status games becouse there is room for suggestions like that

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